Product & Mobility Design

Products are the physical contact to the customer, that’s why they are important brand ambassadors. Targeted product design is a fundamental part of the corporate strategy and provides a crucial competitive advantage.

From point of design, the challenges to new mobility formats require a new evaluation. Far beyond classic automotive design, we develop new formats and definitions of mobility design, which are not only for formalistic styling concepts. The reflection of urbanity and digitalization are essential factors in this context and an important post of concepts.

Our services range from classic product and industrial design to mobility design and the complete spectrum of three-dimensional brand building in a digital process chain (MR, AR, VR, RP). We design products from concept to prototype with a specific partner network.

Our product design competence allows us to develop individual furnitures and displays in the field of spatial design. We generate a holistic brand experience in interior and exterior design, color and trim, HMI and interaction design.

coat hanger.

Bugatti | 2014

door handles.

Bugatti | 2015

straight push.

BASF Color Demonstrator | 2014

modular chair concept.

BASF Johanson Spine | 2016